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Nutrition and Dietetics

We support adults and children who need help with their nutrition and diet to improve their wellbeing.

You may need to see us if you’re:

  • underweight or losing weight
  • overweight
  • allergic (or suspect you’re allergic) or intolerant to certain foods
  • at risk of ill health in the future which can be reduced by changing what you eat.

We also see patients who have a mental health condition that we can help improve or control by diet.

You may have been referred to us from your GP, another healthcare professional such as a speech and language therapist or from one of the departments in our hospitals.

Where we see you

We assess, treat and diagnose patients with acute needs at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Wycombe Hospital. We see patients on hospital wards who are staying as inpatients, as well as those who have outpatient appointments.

We also work in the community in GP clinics, health centres, community hospitals, care homes, nursing homes and patients’ own homes.

What we do

Our dietitians work with healthy people, those who are unwell and patients who need individual diets to treat chronic medical conditions. They also assess, diagnose and treat nutritional and dietary problems at a public health level.

Nutritionists inform the public about good nutrition to improve health and wellbeing and do not work as clinicians. They promote healthy eating activities in Buckinghamshire and prevent diet related conditions in the community. These include child obesity and malnutrition among older people living independently at home.


We see patients staying in hospital and those attending outpatient appointments.

We support those who need specialist nutrition and dietary support in departments including:

We also help patients who need tube feeding or find eating difficult.


It would be helpful if you could bring a written record of what you eat and drink during the week before your appointment.

During your appointment, a dietitian may weigh you or take waist measurements. They’ll ask you questions so that they can give you the best advice and treatment plan.

They’ll want to know:

  • what you eat
  • how much you eat
  • when you have your meals
  • what snack foods you eat
  • how much you drink (including alcohol)
  • what type of food you buy
  • about your lifestyle
  • your feelings about food and eating
  • information related to any symptoms.

The dietitian may also discuss your medical conditions and any medication you’re taking.

They’ll also discuss your diet with you before suggesting any changes, and explain why they have made those changes. We encourage you to ask questions and make suggestions.

We may use changes in your weight (and height in children) to monitor your progress, as well as other changes in symptoms or blood tests where relevant.


Please allow around 30 to 40 minutes for your first appointment.

At the end of your appointment, you and the dietitian will decide whether or not you need a follow-up.

Any follow-up appointment will usually be shorter, around 15 to 20 minutes.


You must tell us as soon as possible so that we can give your appointment slot to another patient.

Call the department telephone number on your appointment letter to change or cancel your appointment.

We’ll discharge you if you do not have exceptional circumstances and you:

  • do not attend your first appointment
  • cancel more than 2 follow-up appointments.


Yes and it can be very helpful. For example, if the person coming with you usually does the cooking and shopping.


GP’s and community healthcare professionals

For adult community referrals call Amersham Hospital on 01494 734825

For community childrens’ referrals (up to 18 years old), call Brookside Clinic, Aylesbury on 01296 831690

Patients must be registered with a GP in Buckinghamshire.

Healthcare professionals, consultants, specialist nurses and other healthcare professional referrals

Contact the Dietic department at Stoke Mandeville or Wycombe Hospital depending on yours and your patient’s home location.

See the contact numbers below for both hospitals.


Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Wycombe Hospital
Amersham Hospital
Stoke Mandeville Hospital

01296 315775

Wycombe Hospital

01494 425776

Amersham Hospital

01494 734825