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Weigh Forward Bucks – information for healthcare professionals

Weigh Forward Bucks (WFB) is a specialist weight loss service for adults in Buckinghamshire.

The staff team includes:

  • a GPwSI (GP with a special interest) lead
  • Dietitians
  • CBT practitioners (psychologist or cognitive behavioural therapists)
  • Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and an Assistant Psychologist
  • An Exercise Specialist

The team are from local services including the Community Dietetic Service and the Healthy Minds Wellbeing Service.

Who is WFB for?

The WFB service is for adults who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more (27.5 for individuals from Black, Asian or other ethnic minorities) with other associated health problems or BMI of 40 (or 37.5 for individuals from Black, Asian or other ethnic minorities) with or without health problems.

Adults who are pursuing NHS bariatric surgery and whose BMI is under 50 will need to complete our programme prior to tier 4 referral, as well as some adults whose BMI is 50 or more. Please check with the relevant bariatric surgery centre or CCG for more information about Tier 3 requirements if you wish to refer a person with a BMI of 50 or over for bariatric surgery.

Referral criteria information

Do not refer until:

  • the person is able to attend and commit to 90% attendance throughout the year-long programme.
  • The person is able to cope with participating in a group programme.
  • The person has a history of unsuccessful weight loss or maintenance at Tier 2 (structured weight management programme, for example Weight Watchers or dietitian’s clinic).

The following exclusion criteria apply:

  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Uncontrolled hypertension/ heart condition/ medical condition preventing increase in activity- level
  • Previous Bariatric Surgery (unless reversed/ removed as there will be different nutritional needs)
  • Eating disorder more appropriately treated by specialist services
  • Significant concern about risk to self or to others
  • Currently open to therapy through mental health services

Only refer once stable:

  • Psychiatric illness (additional notes: where there is a history of severe and enduring mental health problems, then advice should be sought from the care co coordinator or GP in helping to decide whether the individual is likely to be able to cope with this group programme where a change in lifestyle including eating behaviours will be encouraged)
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • Significant physical health problems that could affect participation in the programme

Programme information

This multidisciplinary team-run, lifestyle change programme takes place over 12 months. This starts with ten weekly (or alternate week) group sessions held in a community venue in either the North or South of the county, followed by an individual review.

The course then continues once a month for six group sessions and a final individual review at the end of 12 months.

Throughout the programme, participants will have an opportunity to speak individually to members of the team if needed.

Interventions include nutrition and physical activity advice, but with a strong emphasis on psychological approaches to behavioural change.

Evening groups are available.

We also offer the Oviva Way to Wellness remote weight management programme. This gives access to the support of a dietitian and psychologist through the use of an app, phone calls or video calling. This programme is ideal for those who find it difficult to get to appointments or for those who enjoy using technology to support their health. Oviva Way to Wellness is a bespoke service and will create a nutritional plan and support package to suit each person.

How to make a referral

Electronic referral forms for this service are on EMIS or DXS in all Bucks GP surgeries.

These can be emailed to

The forms can also be posted to:
Healthy Minds, Weigh Forward Bucks 2nd Floor Prospect House Crendon Street High Wycombe Bucks. HP13 6LA

For further information, please contact Healthy Minds on 01865 901600.

In partnership with:
Health NHS Foundation Trust Trust Headquarters, Warneford Hospital Headington, Oxford OX3 7JX

Switchboard: 01865 901000