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Weigh Forward Bucks – information for patients

Weigh Forward Bucks (WFB) is a specialist weight loss service for adults in Buckinghamshire.

The staff team includes dietitians, CBT practitioners (psychologist or cognitive behavioural therapist), psychological wellbeing practitioners, a psychology assistant, and an exercise specialist.

The team are from local services including the Community Dietetic Service and the Healthy Minds Wellbeing Service.

Access to WFB programme

If after reading this information you are interested in joining this programme then please contact your GP to discuss a referral.

Weigh Forward Bucks (WFB) aims to help you:

  • To develop the confidence and skills to make permanent lifestyle changes required for long-term weight loss.
  • To make healthy choices in your eating behaviours.
  • To be able to make decisions about lifestyle in order to engage more fully with life including physical activity.
  • To lose enough weight to improve your health. Weight loss of 5-10% of your body weight can significantly improve your health.
  • To successfully maintain your weight loss over time.

Information about the service:

Weigh Forward is a specialist Tier 3 weight management service that encourages sustainable weight loss by supporting lifestyle change in 3 key areas – nutrition, physical activity and emotional wellbeing.

The programme takes place over 12 months and is made up of 16 sessions in total. Sessions are delivered by a specialist multi-disciplinary team, consisting of dietitians, exercise specialists, CBT Therapists and Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners. Our team are also supported by our GP with special interest.

Throughout the programme, participants will have the opportunity to speak individually to members of the team, if needed.

Digital or Remote Working

The Weigh Forward Team are able to offer support through in-person groups or through our newly developed digital group platform. Both of these mediums have been found to be engaging and effective for our service users.

We are also able to offer treatment through “Oviva Way to Wellness” who offer individuals the support of a dietitian and psychologist through the use of an app, phone calls or video calling. This is a bespoke service and will create a nutritional plan and support package.

Access to the service:

This service is for people who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more (or 27.5 for individuals from Black, Asian or other ethnic minorities) with associated health problems or a BMI of 40 (37.5 for individuals from Black, Asian or other ethnic minorities) with or without health problems.

For a referral to the service, speak to your GP.

After our GP has reviewed your referral and passed it to the team, you will be invited to attend a telephone assessment with one of the team members based in the Healthy Minds Wellbeing Service. This usually takes up to one hour and will include a discussion about your dieting and weight history, how you are feeling, the problems you have that are associated with your weight and your readiness to change aspects of your lifestyle in order to lose weight. If this programme is likely to benefit you, your assessor will let you know of available courses.

If the programme is unlikely to be the best approach for you, then other options will be discussed and you may be signposted or referred to an alternative service.