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We see patients who don’t need to stay in hospital overnight. You may have an appointment with us or need treatment that we can provide during the day. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we prioritised patients in need of urgent care. As a result, many non-urgent appointments and procedures had to be postponed. We apologise for any delays and the inconvenience or anxiety this may cause. 

When you receive your appointment it’s important that you attend. 

If your symptoms get worse while you are waiting to hear about an appointment please call your GP or the appropriate hospital team for advice as soon as possible. You’ll find contact details for each ward or service under our A-Z search, or in letters you have received from us. 

More information about awaiting treatment.

Our staff follow infection prevention and control guidelines to minimise the risks from any viruses circulating in the community.

Please familiarise yourself with our infection prevention and control measures.

Your outpatient appointment

We’ll send you a letter telling you: 

  • the time and date of your appointment 
  • which hospital and ward you need to go to, including maps and directions 
  • what you need to do before you arrive 
  • any medication you need to bring with you. 

If there’s anything you’re not sure about, please call us before your appointment. 

Please call the number given on your appointment letter.

Or call our outpatients appointments line: 01296 838888

You must tell us as soon as possible.

Please call the number given on your appointment letter.

Or call our outpatients appointments line: 01296 838888

If you’re attending an appointment you can bring one family member, carer, friend or supporter with you.

There  are no restrictions for parents/guardians attending out patient appointments with their child.

If you need additional support because of a disability or essential need, please call the number on your appointment letter. 

Please bring:

  • your appointment letter 
  • any medication you’re taking including prescription medicines, over the counter medicines and alternative medicines including herbal remedies 
  • a small amount of money for drinks and snacks 
  • information about any change of details for example your name or address 
  • any samples we have requested (urine or stool).

Please go to the outpatient clinic reception that you’re attending and let a member of staff know that you have arrived. 

The receptionist will book you in and explain what will happen next. Please let the receptionist know about any changes in your personal details. 

You may need to go to another department for tests 

Please allow at least 2 hours for your first outpatient visit to allow for any tests or x-rays you may need. 

We’ll do our best to see you on time but you may experience delays. The patient before you may take longer than expected, or the doctor may need to attend an emergency. We’ll keep you informed of any delays. 

You may notice that a patient who has arrived after you is seen before you. This patient will probably be seeing a different doctor to you. 

Please arrive on time. If you arrive early we can not see you sooner. If you arrive late, we’ll prioritise patients who arrived on time and you may need to wait longer.

You may see a consultant or another doctor working in the same team. If you feel strongly about seeing a female or male doctor, please let the clinic nurse know when you arrive. 

The nurse may carry out some provisional tests, such as testing a urine sample or measuring your blood pressure. 

Medical students 

Some of our doctors teach medical students during their clinics. If you would prefer not to have medical students present during your appointment, please tell us. 

Consenting to treatment 

We want to make sure that you fully understand your condition and the different treatment options available to you. Before you receive any treatment, your doctor will explain their recommendation, including the benefits, risks and any alternatives. Please ask if you’re unsure about anything. 

You may need to sign a consent form for your treatment. You can refuse treatment at any time, including after you have signed a consent form. If you’re unsure please ask us. 

If you need further treatment or a follow up appointment, we’ll contact you. Please make sure the team has your correct contact details before leaving the hospital.

If you need help before you arrive 

Call us before your appointment date if you need help getting from the car park or hospital bus.  

If you have any communication needs

If you have a hearing impairment, visual impairment, learning disability or speak/read little to no English, please tell us so that we can arrange additional support. 

If you have religious or cultural needs

We respect your privacy, dignity and religious and cultural beliefs at all times. Please call us if you have any special needs such as washing and praying facilities.

Directions, parking and hospital facilities