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Medicine for Older People

Date: 22/08/2022 | Category: Medicine for Older People

We see older people in Buckinghamshire. We help people who have multiple conditions, functional impairment, and complex care needs. Our team includes medical specialists, nursing teams working in hospitals and […]

Rothschild Ward (maternity)

Date: 18/04/2021 | Category: Maternity Services


Date: 15/03/2021 | Category: Pathology service handbooks Vasectomy - post vasectomy lab testing Fertility - semen analysis & post vasectomy laboratory tests Cellular pathology - histology & mortuary Microbiology Immunology Pathology

We offer a comprehensive range of tests including: bacteriology mycology mycobacteriology parasitology molecular diagnostics. Based at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, we also provide virology and serology services in conjunction with the […]

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Date: 15/03/2021 | Category: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

We care for people with mouth, jaw, face and neck problems. We treat outpatients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Amersham Hospitals. If you need surgery, you’ll go to Stoke Mandeville where we […]

Maternity Services

Date: 15/03/2021 | Category: Maternity Services

We care for people who are pregnant before, during and after the birth of their babies. We look after over 5,000 patients and their families every year. Find out more […]