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Human breast milk fortifier

Date: 07/11/2023 | Category: Community paediatrics Paediatrics

Read our guide below to find out more about human breast milk fortifier.  You can also download a PDF version of this patient information by following the link on the […]

Foot care for a child with diabetes

Date: 29/07/2021 | Category: Community paediatrics Paediatrics

Patient information for parents or carers of a child with Diabetes or for young people with Diabetes It is important to look after your feet when you have (or your […]

Energy dense diet for children

Date: 25/05/2021 | Category: , Nutrition resources and support Nutrition and dietetics resources Nutrition nurses Macmillan dietitians Paediatric dietitians Community paediatrics Paediatrics

Encourage 3 energy dense meals per day Encourage 2-3 snacks and nutritious drinks throughout the day Have balanced main meals: protein/ carbohydrate/ vegetables/ salad/fruit Use full fat/ sugar products, such […]

Milk free diet for children

Date: 03/05/2021 | Category: , , Dermatology Allergy Services Community paediatrics Paediatrics

Find out more about what to do if your child must follow a milk free diet.