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Human breast milk fortifier

Your baby is going home breast feeding with Human Breast Milk Fortifier (HBMF).

HBMF is made from cow’s milk protein and contains vitamins and minerals to support growth for up to 6 weeks after your baby’s due date.

When your baby is ready to be discharged from the neonatal unit you will be informed how many HBMF boosts your baby requires.

Your baby may require HBMF boosts until 6 weeks corrected age.

Your baby’s growth will be monitored in the community by the neonatal outreach team.

When administering HBMF please follow the instructions below:

  1. Prepare a clean surface area and wash hands
  2. In a sterile bottle measure out 5ml of expressed breast milk (room temperature) with one sachet of HBMF
  3. Gently swirl the mixture (do not shake as this can destroy the properties of the milk)
  4. Feed your baby the HBMF as demonstrated by the neonatal team prior to discharge home
  5. Once the HBMF is mixed with expressed breast milk it cannot be stored in the fridge and needs to be administered immediately
  6. Offer your baby a breast feed after they have taken the boost

Please contact the neonatal outreach team if you have any concerns or questions regarding your Baby’s feeding plan