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Visiting patients in our hospitals

Please find information and guidance below that helps to keep you, our patients, our staff and all visitors safe.


Visiting information

We recognise the important role family and friends play in supporting our patients during a stay in hospital and we are committed to ensuring patients receive visits from loved ones.

Please find our current information for visitors below:

  • Visiting hours are from 1pm to 8pm (*please see exceptions to this below)
    • Please check with the ward ahead of visiting in case times differ.
    • If you are assisting someone with eating/mealtimes you can visit from 12 noon
  • Different people can come during visiting hours as long as though there are no more than two visitors at a patient’s bedside at any one time.
  • There is no need to book in advance.


Carers are welcome to support the health and social needs of our patients. A familiar carer or supporter is not considered a visitor and may remain with a patient to provide support. People who can have a carer with them include patients and service users who:

  • have a learning disability, autism, or cognitive impairment such as dementia
  • have mental health problems
  • have communication challenges including hearing or visual impairment
  • do not speak English
  • are children
  • are using maternity services
  • are at the end of life

See below for more information.

Please note:

Every patient has different needs and we know there are occasions when we may need to adapt our visiting policy. Please speak to your loved one’s care team to discuss the best approach.

Find out more about how we support patients with learning disabilities.

Family carers can contact Carers Bucks on 0300 777 2722 for additional information and advice, or you can visit their website.

Parents/carers can visit at any time.

Siblings may visit at weekends provided they are well and show no signs of any infection.

One parent or carer per family can stay with their child in hospital.

Parents/carers can visit at any time.

Siblings may visit provided they are well and show no signs of any infection. They will be encouraged to wear a mask.

You can accompany children aged 16-18 wherever they are in the hospital, including in adult wards.

Visiting Adult patients within the NSIC

We offer visiting 7 days a week between 9am and 8.30pm for periods of up to 3 hours.

Each patient can have up to two visitors at any one time. Any exceptions to this need to be agreed by the Ward Managers in advance.

Where possible we ask that patients and visitors meet outside the clinical ward area for example in Horatio’s Garden or in the NSIC communal areas.

Visits should take place outside of timetabled rehabilitation activities.

Visiting our children’s ward (St Francis Ward)

Please see our ‘visiting children and young people’ information above.


Patients who are at the end of their life may have two family members (or loved ones who are important to them) visit daily. Those two visitors can change each day.

When the patient is close to the end of their life more visitors may be allowed if infection control standards can be maintained – this will be at the discretion of the nurse in charge. 

General information

Advice and information in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

We need to keep patient areas clean, safe and clear from large objects so we’d prefer it if you didn’t bring large gifts, flowers or hot food. We also need to consider other patients’ allergies. Please check with our ward nurses before you bring in any items. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to visit their loved ones in hospital. But we know how important it is for you to keep in touch.

Find out more about keeping in touch with relatives and friends

It’s really important that you continue to attend all booked appointments, unless:

  • you have COVID-19 symptoms

If you can not attend, please call us on the telephone number on your appointment letter as soon as possible.

Find out more about what we’re doing to reduce the risk of infection and what to do if you’re attending an outpatient appointment.


Please DO NOT come to hospital if you think you have symptoms or have recently tested positive for COVID-19. 

Check if you have the main symptoms of COVID-19

Find out how to get a COVID-19 test

If you’re worried about your symptoms, or you’re unsure what to do, call 111 or use the 111 coronavirus online service 

If you are pregnant or have recently given birth and have any concerns about your or your baby’s health, please do not hesitate to contact your midwife or maternity team. If you do not have a midwife or maternity team call a GP or call 111 if you cannot get help.

We are doing everything we can to protect our patients, visitors, volunteers and our staff from infection. We would ask you, and your visitors, to wear a surgical face mask at all times when inside our hospital unless medically exempt.

Please read our guidelines on the importance of wearing a surgical face mask during your stay in hospital.