Visiting information and maternity services updates

Get the latest updates on any changes to our services and find out when you can visit your partner/family member

Visiting hours

Please see the table below which provides an overview of our visiting times for inpatient areas of maternity.

Location Birth partner or companion Other visitors Siblings of the new infant
Rothschild Ward – before birth One birth partner 9am-9pm. A birth partner can also stay overnight during early labour. Maximum two adults at the bedside at any one time between 3pm and 7pm 3pm to 7pm
Rothschild ward – after birth One birth partner or companion 9am-9pm. A birth partner or companion can also stay overnight for the first night following birth Maximum two adults at the bedside at any one time between 3pm and 7pm 3pm to 7pm
Labour Ward and/or Birth Centre Nominated two birth partners 24/7 (these need to be the same 2 people for the duration of the stay on labour ward/birth centre) None None
Obstetric Observation Bay Nominated two birth partners 9am-9pm. One of whom can stay overnight. (These need to be the same birth partners for the duration of the stay in the observation bay). None 3pm-7pm

Please note:

  • If any birth partners, companions or visitors have an illness such as a cold, flu or vomiting and diarrhoea, please do not come to the hospital.
  • Overnight birth partners or companions on Rothschild Ward will be asked to agree to our overnight visitors’ charter.

Antenatal appointments

One support person can attend all antenatal appointments including scans.


Maternity services updates

Antenatal classes

We’re currently running our antenatal classes online.

Face masks

You don’t need to wear a face mask unless a member of our team asks you to.

This may be because of patients with compromised immunity, flu or Covid.

You can wear a fluid resistant facemask if you prefer. They’re available on wards and at all entrances to our hospitals.

If you prefer the staff looking after you to wear a facemask, ask them. You can also remind them to wash their hands. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in our care.