Before your stay

We’ll send you a pre-admission letter with the date you need to come to hospital. It’ll tell you where to go and what time to arrive. It may also include important information about avoiding food and drink if you’re having an operation. 

You can tell us about any dietary requirements, if you have a disability and need additional support or need an interpreter during your stay. Contact the ward you’ll be staying on. You’ll find their contact details in your pre-admission letter or search for the ward.

We offer additional support to unpaid family carers while you’re in hospital. Call Carers Bucks on 0300 777 2722 or visit their website for information and advice.

What to bring with you

You’ll need to bring some paperwork with you including: 

  • your pre-admission letter, and any relevant paperwork from the hospital or your GP 
  • next of kin details 
  • GP address and phone number.  

You’ll also need 

  • any medication you’re taking including over the counter medicines, tablets and inhalers 
  • night clothes including non-slip slippers and a dressing gown 
  • toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, soap, tissues, brush/comb, shaving kit, cosmetics) 
  • hearing aids, dentures, glasses or contact lenses including solution. 

You may also want to bring books or magazines, writing materials and a small amount of cash if you want to buy anything from the hospital shop or ward trolley such as a newspaper. 

You can bring your mobile phone and charger with you but please bring a set of headphones so that you don’t disturb other patients. 

Please label your items clearly with your name using a marker or name labels. 

What not to bring 

Please leave valuable items at home including large sums of cash. 

We can only accept responsibility for the loss or damage to patient property if you have handed it to a member of staff for safekeeping and have been given a receipt. 

What happens when I arrive? 

Go to the reception desk at the ward shown in your admission letter. You can find directions to each of our wards or ask a member of staff who can tell you how to get there. 

At the ward, a staff member will help you get settled in and answer any questions you might have.