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Respiratory Medicine

We care for patients with chest diseases, lung and breathing problems.

We treat inpatients and outpatients with respiratory difficulties in our hospitals and in community settings across Buckinghamshire.

How to access our service

You’ll need a referral from your GP or from one of our consultants. We’ll assess you and you may need chest x-rays, blood tests, a biopsy, bronchoscopy (a test to look down your windpipe into your lungs) or phlegm analysis to diagnose your condition and decide the best course of treatment.

Who we see

We see patients with a range of conditions including:

How we treat you

Depending on your condition, you may need inhalers, exercise therapy, oxygen therapy or surgery.

Smoking can cause a number of respiratory illnesses. By giving up smoking, you’ll reduce your risk of further disease.

Respiratory patient information


Respiratory medicine
Appointment queries
Respiratory medicine

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Appointment queries

Call the number on your appointment letter.

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