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Community paediatric referrals

We accept referrals from educational or health professionals.

For example, a referral may be made by a School or Nursery, Health Visitors, School Nurses, Therapists, GPs, Acute Paediatricians, Tertiary Centre or other Paediatricians from neighbouring hospitals.

We can only accept referrals made to us using the referral form which should be sent using the NHS mail safe email address which is also provided on the form.

 Community paediatric referral form for children under 5

 Community paediatric referral form for school aged children over 5

Under the age of 19 years, except:

  • Children who have recently moved into Buckinghamshire County/or Country
  • Attending a special school within Buckinghamshire
  • Due to the potential need for Occupational Therapy of Speech and Language support we can only accept referrals for children who are registered with a Buckinghamshire GP

For a referral to be accepted it is imperative that  supporting evidence and documentation is provided

  • ASQ completed
  • Report from education setting
  • OT report or OT support from school setting for children with Dyspraxia/ Co-ordination problems
  • Portage report if under portage
  • Hearing assessment if completed
  • SALT assessment for children with primary Social / Communication/Speech concerns
  • Reports confirming diagnosis & treatment to date if the child has been seen out of area previously or privately (For children already on medication, they should continue to receive private medication support, for children referred back to the NHS they will be seen in order of waiting times)

The following are NOT appropriate referrals as a primary presentation unless there is an undiagnosed or diagnosed neurodevelopmental condition



Complex behavioural difficulties CAMHS
Self-harm CAMHS
Violent and aggressive behaviours – GP to see or acute CAMHS
Eating disorders CAMHS
Tourette’s Syndrome/TIC disorder CAMHS/Acute Paediatrics
Mental Health problems (anxiety and depression) CAMHS
Counselling CAMHS
Sleep problems (unless there is a neurodevelopment disorder concern) Health Visitor or School Nurse
Toileting concerns – Nocturnal enuresis Health Visitor or School Nurse
Toileting concerns – Referrals for children with daytime wetting, constipation and/or soiling GP review/Acute Paediatrics
Sexual abuse SARC
NAI Acute Paediatrics
Primary/isolated speech delay Speech and Language (SLT) assessment required prior to referral to Community Paediatrics
Referrals for children in whom there are concerns around specific learning difficulty/dyslexia/working memory difficulties should be referred to the educational psychology service or the cognition and learning team Education
Children over 11 years of age & on medication for ADHD should be referred to CAMHS CAMHS

The following conditions should be referred to acute paediatrics or the appropriate speciality via doctor (GP):

  • ENT/audiology
  • Acute medical conditions (excluding acute/chronic psychiatric)
  • Epilepsy
  • Failure to thrive
  • Growth problems
  • Physical abuse
  • Constipation
  • Daytime Enuresis

Pathway of referral for children with feeding problems:

Health visitor to refer to doctor (GP) to assess and refer on as needed to paediatric dietician or acute paediatrician.

For children with feeding problems due to disability:

Refer to multi-disciplinary feeding team.

We aim to review, accept/reject or redirect referrals within 6 weeks of referral receipt, a letter confirming the referral status will be sent to the referrer.

We aim to expedite clinically prioritised referrals and referrals for looked after children, children in care and children of armed forces family.