Getting ready for school

This is an exciting adventure for a parent/carer and their child, but it can feel daunting and can be hard to know if your child is truly ready for this next step. For most it will be the first really big change they have to face. As a parent it is important that you talk about starting school in positive terms, as something exciting and enjoyable, even if your school days weren’t exactly the best of your life. PACEY – Being School Ready have a range of resources, videos and advice for parents. Also see the useful links for tips on how to get ready for starting school during “lockdown” from

There is further information at the end of this page about health services you can access before your child starts school, to ensure they are healthy, developing well and ready to learn.

Buckinghamshire Healthcare’s Children and Young People’s Service, including the School Readiness team, is able to help prepare your child to start school so that they (and you) can look forward to a healthy, happy school life right from the first day.

Please ensure you are familiar with your child’s school’s policy for Coronavirus management as the processes may vary in each school. All information and advice within these pages should be interpreted in accordance with HM Government Social Distancing Alert Level.