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School nursing

We support children and young people in Buckinghamshire schools with medical, social, emotional or physical needs.

We work in schools and the local community to help each person achieve their potential. This helps them to get the most from life and education, and become responsible for their own health. We also work in clinics and family homes.

Our team works in partnership with children and young people, their families and other health and education professionals in clinics and family homes. We also work with colleagues in health, care and education services across Buckinghamshire to help shape children’s services.

Who we are

We’re a team of multi-skilled staff who specialise in child health and wellbeing. This includes specialist community public health nurses, community nurses, child health and wellbeing advisors, and school health assistants.

We work with colleagues in our NHS Trust’s safeguarding children’s team and our health visiting team who support pre-school children.

Where we work

We work in 5 teams across Buckinghamshire, except the Milton Keynes area. We cover a group of schools in:

  • Aylesbury
  • Buckingham
  • Chiltern
  • South Bucks
  • Wycombe

Find out which schools we cover

We see children in the most appropriate setting, for example, in their home, school or one of our clinics.

We also use social media and Facetime where needed.

What to expect

Find out below what you can do to give your child a healthy start at school, and how we support each stage of your child’s school journey.

Before your child starts school, you should:

  • make sure your child’s vaccines are up to date
  • take your child for their regular dental check up
  • get your child’s eyes tested if you have concerns

Health screening in school

Once your child’s in school, our school nursing team will assess them for height and weight, vision and hearing concerns where needed.

Height and weight measurements 

We do this as part of the National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP). Your child’s school will write to you 10 working days before the measurement process. You can withdraw your child if you wish.

Trained staff will weigh your child and measure their height while they’re in their clothes. All the combined measurement details will help the school nurse to develop a health profile and offer support where needed.

Find out more about the process and why it’s important for your child.

Vision (eye) test 

This happens in Reception year. If your child can not complete the test, the school nurse will advise you to take your child to an optician. Some children may need referral to our paediatric ophthalmology specialists.

Vision tests can help detect early problems which can be easily corrected in children under 7 years old.

Hearing test 

If your child has a possible hearing problem, they can have a hearing test in school. Your child may then need further tests or a referral for further tests.

School readiness team support 

You may feel concerned about your child’s readiness to start school. This may include your child’s:

  • long-term health conditions or allergies
  • medication
  • toileting
  • nutrition and diet
  • behaviour
  • emotional wellbeing

For more information, advice and support, view our getting ready for school page.

Your child will have hopefully settled into school life and will be healthy, confident and happy as they grow.

Vaccinations, measurements, dental and eye care

Your child will have access to the child flu vaccine at school.

In Year 6, we’ll measure and weigh your child again as part of the National Childhood Measurement Programme (NCMP). 

It’s also important to keep up with regular dental check ups as your child’s adult teeth start appearing.

You can also get a free eye test for your child if you have concerns about their vision.

Parenting courses

Free parenting courses from the Buckinghamshire Family Information Service (BFIS) cover useful tips and coping strategies to dealing with challenging behaviours and building your confidence. Courses run for parents of children of all ages. Some specialise in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Find out more about BFIS 

You can also access a variety of free, online courses and workshops for parents and careers across Buckinghamshire.

As your child moves up to secondary school, they’ll be encouraged to take more responsibility for their health and personal development.


In Year 8, children and young people can have the HPV vaccination to protect against certain types of cancer, including cervical cancer.

Watch the video below to find out more about the HPV vaccination

Schools we cover

In Year 9 your child will be offered the 3-in-1 diphtheria, tetanus and polio booster vaccinations, as well as the MenACWY vaccine to protect against diseases including meningitis.

The MenACWY vaccine is recommended for travellers to parts of the world which are high risk for meningococcal disease (including parts of Africa and Saudi Arabia).

Watch this video to find out more about your child’s booster vaccination

Your child will also have another opportunity to have the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, along with the Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio and Pertussis (DTaP/IPV) or pre-school booster, from their 4th to their 10th birthday, if your child has missed it. Please contact the Immunisation Team on 01296 567860 to make an appointment.

School health advice clinics

We offer monthly clinics for students and parents in some schools in Buckinghamshire.

The clinics vary in each school. Some age groups will not be able to access the full range of support.

Our clinics cover topics including:

  • mood management
  • stress and anxiety
  • body image
  • self harm
  • relationships
  • sexual health
  • young carers
  • substance misuse
  • growing up
  • transition to adulthood.

In some cases, we do 1-to-1 work during these sessions.

We can also work with pupil groups around on managing long term conditions like asthma. School staff can get advice and discuss concerns with the nursing team to make referrals to the right services.

Parenting courses

Free parenting courses from the Buckinghamshire Family Information Service (BFIS) cover useful tips and coping strategies to dealing with challenging behaviours and building your confidence. Courses run for parents of children of all ages. Some specialise in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Find out more about BFIS

You can also access a variety of free, online courses and workshops for parents and carers across Buckinghamshire.

How to access our service

If your child’s starting school in September and needs extra support, please complete our online school readiness referral form

Accessing our school health advice clinics

Your child will need a referral from yourself if they need 1-to-1 support in a school clinic.

Young people can also access our service through the school health advice clinics in some secondary schools. Check in your school office for details including how to book an appointment.

Find out which schools we cover.

Email us for a referral form

If your child needs help with bedwetting

Please see your GP first who may then refer you to us.

You do not need a referral for:

  • children with continuing care needs
  • routine screening
  • vaccinations
  • children already known to school nursing.

Resources to support your child starting school


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Children and Young People Administration Team

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