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Occupational therapy

We work with children and young people who have problems learning, developing, socialising and playing, or have a physical and/or learning disability.

Your child may struggle with daily activities including:

  • learning to explore the world
  • participating in nursery or school
  • feeding themselves independently
  • dressing themselves independently
  • accessing suitable toileting/bathing facilities
  • playing with toys and games.

We work with you, health, education and social care colleagues, to help your child get the most from their lives and achieve their potential.

Watch our video below to find out more about what we do.

How to access our services

Anyone can refer a child or young person for occupational therapy. This includes parents, carers, teachers, GP’s, consultants or other healthcare professionals.

You’ll need to fill in our online referral form and tell us about your child’s functional difficulties. The information you provide will help our occupational therapist assess your child and prioritise their needs.

 Download and complete our referral form

Follow the instructions at the bottom of the form to return your completed from to us.


Once we have received your referral form and prioritised your child’s need, we’ll assess your child in the most appropriate setting, either at home, in school or within a clinic. We’ll decide on the best course of action which might include treatment through individual or group sessions.

If we decide your child needs occupational therapy, it should be an integral part of their life. We work in partnership with you and all those involved in your child’s care to provide advice, practical strategies, resources, activity programmes or assistive equipment to address your child’s identified needs.

Your attendance at appointments is an essential part of our service. If circumstances change and you’re no longer able to attend an appointment, please tell us as soon as you can.

If you fail to attend 2 appointments without prior notice, we’ll discharge your child from the service so that we can offer our services to others who are waiting and need our support.

We assess children and young people who need equipment to help them manage daily tasks.

Seating for home and school

This will help to:

  • maintain a good posture
  • prevent contractures (tightening of muscles, tendons, ligaments, or skin)
  • promote function
  • enable your child to join in with family mealtimes
  • participate in school and leisure activities.

Personal hygiene equipment

This helps your child to have a dignified personal hygiene routine whilst minimising manual handling risks for their carers.

Equipment can range from a simple bath chair to a more supportive showering system. We can advise you if your child needs adaptations and make a referral to the appropriate service.

Hoists and slings

These help to reduce the handling risk to a child or young person and their carers. They can be used in home and school for transfers such as from a chair to the toilet.

Sleeping and lying

We encourage 24 hour postural care by improving night time positioning. This can help promote regular sleep patterns and reduce the risk of pressure sores and contractures by using a sleep system. We may recommend profiling beds for ease of care and safety.

We also provide advice and training to parents and schools.

Our training helps parents and staff to support children and young people with their functional difficulties. We provide parent talks and school advice clinics throughout the year across all mainstream schools in Buckinghamshire.

Find out more about how we support school staff


Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy

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