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Continence service

Date: 26/07/2022 | Category:

Bladder and bowel issues can have a negative impact on your life. If you experience bladder and/or bowel issues you can feel embarrassment, distress, a sense of loss of control […]

How to donate

Date: 19/07/2022 | Category:

Please donate today to help us support our patients and their families.

Children’s Emergency Department

Date: 18/07/2022 | Category:

Welcome to our Children’s Emergency Department. We see children and young people who require emergency care.   While you wait to be seen Thanks for waiting patiently. We know you’ve […]

Cardiology (Heart Services)

Date: 17/07/2022 | Category:

We care for patients with acute and chronic heart conditions. We look after those with heart disease, heart failure, strokes, congenital heart defects and coronary artery disease. Our services cover […]

Community paediatrics

Date: 24/05/2022 | Category: Community paediatrics Paediatrics

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Date: 12/11/2021 | Category: Chaplaincy


Community head injury service (CHIS)

Date: 25/06/2021 | Category:

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Community Assessment and Treatment Service (CATS)

Date: 27/04/2021 | Category:

We assess and treat frail and older patients with complex needs to reduce their likelihood of going into hospital. We identify illnesses that need treatment and things that may help […]