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Blood tests (phlebotomy)

Date: 18/04/2021 | Category:

Clinical Biochemistry

Date: 15/03/2021 | Category:

We offer the widest range of diagnostic tests of our pathology services.  We analyse constituent compounds in blood, urine, faeces, cerebrospinal fluid and sweat to help clinicians screen, diagnose and monitor patient conditions. […]

Breast care

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We see patients from across Buckinghamshire to diagnose and treat benign (non cancerous) and malignant breast conditions. Our dedicated team of breast care nurses, radiographers and support staff provide the […]

Blood Tests (Phlebotomy)

Date: 15/03/2021 | Category:

How to get a blood test Your doctor may have told you that you need a blood test. Please book an appointment via our online appointments booking system (see below) […]