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Hysteroscopy: advice following an outpatient hysteroscopy procedure

You have had an outpatient hysteroscopy and this information sheet is to let you know what to expect over the next few days and offer some advice.

  1. You may have, or continue to have, abdominal cramps for a few days after your hysteroscopy. This is normal. You may wish to take pain relief tablets such as paracetamol or ibuprofen as per the manufacturer’s instructions, until the pain subsides.
  2. Following the procedure mild bleeding or pinkish vaginal discharge may occur. This is normal and should generally cease after a few days.
  3. We advise that after hysteroscopy you:
    • do not use tampons – use sanitary towels whilst you have bleeding and/or discharge
    • avoid sexual intercourse whilst the bleeding/discharge occurs and until it stops
    • avoid swimming for a week after the bleeding or discharge stops
    • take showers rather than having baths for the duration of the bleeding/discharge
  •  4. Please contact your GP or call 111 or go to A&E if you:
    • have severe pain that is not relieved by regular pain relief
    • have heavy bleeding that requires you to change sanitary pads frequently
    • have foul-smelling vaginal discharge
    • feel hot and shivery

      These symptoms could be a sign of a problem, such as an infection.

5. Generally, you should be able to return to work 24-48 hours after your procedure.