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Pain Management

We care for patients with acute and chronic pain.

We’re a multidisciplinary team that includes consultants, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, acupuncturists, and anaesthetists.

Our services

We help people who experience short-term, sudden (acute) pain and those who have long term (chronic) pain.


We treat inpatients and help them to manage their pain after surgery or trauma, as well as short episodes of disease related pain. This may include…

Our nurse specialists routinely review patients on a daily basis during the week. They give advice on how to manage your pain and deal with problems regarding medications, epidural analgesia, patient-controlled analgesia and local anaesthetic blocks.


We see patients for outpatient appointments where we’ll assess you and create a treatment plan depending on your chronic pain. This might include medications, injections or referral to other services such as acupuncture.

We also do procedures including:

  • local anaesthesia blocks
  • epidural injections
  • nerve-root blocks
  • facet joint injections
  • radio-frequency denervation
  • neuromodulation techniques
  • sympathetic ganglion blocks.

Sometimes we refer patients to specialists in other hospitals for treatments including neurostimulation analgesia.

We offer advice to patients about managing chronic pain in relation to their pain condition.

Our nurses give advice before any diagnostic/therapeutic nerve block procedures.

You can also speak to them after the procedure during their telephone clinics about any follow up or medication.

We also offer a private setting in our clinics to trial pain relieving machines such as TENS


We help reduce the disability and distress associated with conditions that cause chronic pain and/or fatigue.

We see patients with:

  • musculoskeletal pain conditions
  • osteoarthritis
  • neuropathic pain
  • ME/chronic fatigue syndrome

Our service helps patients who have not responded to other treatments. We help you to develop physical, psychological and practical techniques to enable you to improve your quality of life and reduce your reliance on health care services.

How our service works 

We’ll invite you for a telephone or face-to-face screening appointment. We’ll then ask you to come for an assessment where we’ll decide if our 10-week pain management programmes are suitable for your condition. We are currently offering both face-to-face and virtual appointments.


Our pain management programmes are run from our team bases in Aylesbury and at Amersham Hospital in a group setting. Our fatigue management programmes are run from our Aylesbury base.

Each group has up to 10 participants and meets on a weekly basis for up to 10 weeks. You should allow 2.5 hours for each session.

The sessions, led by a team of specialists including psychologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, will help improve your quality of life and manage your pain. Each session focuses on different topics for example:

  • pacing
  • relaxation
  • coping with thoughts and feelings
  • work/leisure
  • communication and relationships
  • sleep

We encourage you to share your experiences and strategies in these sessions. We’ll also teach you how to manage chronic pain/fatigue and techniques for coping.

At the end of the programme, we’ll offer you an individual review and a follow in 4 months.

Pain Management patient information

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