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Occupational Therapy

We help people regain or maintain their ability to do everyday tasks following surgery and illness, including those with progressive conditions

Our occupational therapy team helps you to regain as much independence as possible and enhance your quality of life. They play a key role in helping you gain new or adapted skills to prepare you for leaving hospital.

Occupational therapists work closely with doctors, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, dieticians, social workers and community services to support patients at home.

How to access our services

Your consultant will refer you during your stay in hospital.

We’ll assess you based on your individual needs, abilities and what you need to be able to do when you get home. This includes how your medical condition may have changed, your role and responsibilities at home and your home environment.

We also look at your ability to manage your own personal care, and make a meal/hot drink. You may need equipment to support your safety and increase your independence, for example a walking frame.

We may contact community services for further short or long-term care and support.

Should you wish to self-fund and identify appropriate items of equipment to meet your needs, please view the website Safe and Well – Buckinghamshire

Who we treat

We see inpatients from orthopaedics, stroke and neurology and those who need short-term (acute) rehabilitation.

We also offer an outpatient service for burns and plastics, and rheumatology patients.

Find out more about who treat and how we treat you, depending on your condition below.

You may have had surgery at Stoke Mandeville because of a sudden traumatic fracture from a fall or accident. We also see patients at Wycombe Hospital who have had planned (elective) operations, for examp
le a total hip replacement, knee replacement or back surgery.


We’ll specifically look at the physical and sensory effects that your condition has had on your abilities. This includes your ability to think and understand clearly, psychological and emotional effects.

As well as assessing your abilities before you leave hospital, we’ll also create some goals and treat you in collaboration with our physiotherapy team. They’ll make sure you can walk and move around safely.



We treat patients in our rehabilitation wards. You may have been transferred from an acute (emergency) ward as you need more time to progress your abilities before we can safely discharge you.

You may have had a fracture or a stroke for example.


Our team will assess any restrictions you may have caused by a burn, hand condition, weakness or stiffness from a rheumatology condition.

We then provide specially made garments and braces/splints to protect vulnerable skin, increase range movement or maintain ability. We’ll also explain how to conserve your energy and protect your joints.


We work with children and young people who have functional difficulties or a physical and/or learning disability which impacts on their daily activities. It may affect their ability to learn and develop, socialise and play.

Find out more about our children and young people’s occupational therapy service.


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