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How to dress in the right order

Why it’s important

Teaching your child to put their clothes on in the right order is an important life skill. Ensuring your child can do this confidently will help them through school and give them a sense of independence. It can also save you some time.

How to help your child dress in the right order

Start the learning process as early as possible

Sing songs about getting dressed, play dressing up games and practice on toys.

Talk to your child

When dressing your child, tell them what you’re doing and ask them what they think might be next.

Lay your child’s clothes out

Put them in a line in the correct order. Supervise, assist and praise.

Practice is key

Give your child opportunities to practice. It’s the best way for them to learn. Make sure you have enough time for them, so they do not feel rushed and get disheartened if they do not get it right.

Make it fun

Children learn through play so make it a game. If they have fun, they will be motivated.

Praise your child

This will give them confidence.

Use a visual aid

For example, a series of photos of the different dressing stages. Make these from your own photos or look on Pinterest for some good cartoon versions.

What to do if your child makes a mistake

Help them identify where they went wrong by:

  • allowing them to complete the entire task – ask if they can feel/identify what does not feel right
  • asking them questions to direct them to where they have gone wrong
  • asking them to identify where they went wrong by looking in a mirror
  • practicing with items they can easily identify the front or back, for example large images, logos or patterns.

Allowing your child to work out where they went wrong can improve their learning. They’ll be more likely to remember it for next time.