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Parkinsonā€™s disease and anxiety

Date: 09/01/2024 | Category: Community neurorehabilitation service Neurology

Read our guide below about Parkinson’s disease and anxiety. You can also download a PDF version of this patient information by following the link on the right. Is anxiety a […]

Medication advice for those preparing for a hospital admission who are living with Parkinsonā€™s

Date: 05/12/2023 | Category:

If you live with Parkinsonā€™s, any hospital admission can be complicated by your medication regime. Wondering whether you will get your medicines on time, or not, can add to the […]

Parkinsonā€™s service

Date: 31/10/2023 | Category: Community neurorehabilitation service Neurology

Information for people who have recently received a diagnosis of Parkinsonā€™s from their Neurologist What is Parkinsonā€™s Parkinsonā€™s is a progressive neurological condition for which there is currently good treatment, […]