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Paediatric permanent open door service

Date: 27/02/2024 | Category: Community paediatrics Paediatrics

Read our guide below to find out more about our permanent open door service.  You can also download a PDF version of this patient information by following the link on […]

Paediatric outreach team

Date: 01/12/2023 | Category: Community paediatrics Paediatrics

The Paediatric Outreach Team provides a range of services to support children aged 0-16 years old (0-19 years old with complex medical needs) at home and in other community settings […]

Ambulatory Care for Children requiring Intravenous Drug Administration via a Peripheral Cannula

Date: 19/07/2022 | Category: Community paediatrics Paediatrics

What is Ambulating? Ambulating is when a child is well enough to leave hospital and continue their recovery at home, but require intravenous (IV) antibiotics whilst waiting blood culture results […]

Basic life support for infants

Date: 19/05/2022 | Category: Community paediatrics Paediatrics

Introduction This booklet is for parents and carers who have had resuscitation training with a qualified trainer, and have practiced the skills on a resuscitation manikin. Please remember that cardiopulmonary […]