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Surgical and plastics emergency ambulatory care – SPEAC

Surgical and plastics emergency ambulatory care (SPEAC) service aims to provide our emergency ambulatory surgical patients with access to daily consultant-led clinics and first-class diagnostics in a safe and welcoming environment.

Why do I have this appointment?

You may have been seen by a GP or doctor/practitioner in the emergency department who has assessed you and feel that you do not require the services of the emergency department but that you require urgent surgical review.


You may have already been seen by the surgical team and require further investigations, a review or to receive results.

What to bring to your appointment:

  • Your referral letter/s.
  • A full list of your current medication/s.

Where will the appointment be?

All appointments will be at Stoke Mandeville Hospital – see contact details below.

Appointment times

The clinic runs between 11am and 1pm with appointment times allocated depending on the reason for your attendance. You may be asked to come earlier for blood tests or scans. The aim is to have all results ready for the consultation, however you may be required to attend the following day to conclude investigations. We may be ready to see you prior to an appointment time, please ask the nurse for more information.

Please be aware that there is a possibility you will spend the day in the department if results are not yet back or if further tests or investigations are required.

Blood tests

Blood tests may be required prior to your appointment. Please arrive at 9am for these to be taken. Please be aware that the results of these can take up to 2 hours at our busiest times.

CT and MRI scans

You may be required to have a scan before or after your allocated appointment. CT scans will require the insertion of an intravenous cannula.

Ultrasound scans

Please ensure that you have no food from 2am on the day of your appointment but that you have a full bladder (clear fluids only please). You will need to arrive 15 mins prior to your scan appointment.

Surgical procedures

You may require surgical intervention. The consent and preparation for this may start at your appointment. You may be required to be nil by mouth from the night before.

After your appointment

Following your appointment there are 5 possible outcomes:

  1. You may be discharged from the general surgical team, back to the care of your GP (no further treatment/investigation is required).
  2. You may be seen again in SPEAC at given date and time.
  3. A routine outpatient appointment may be booked for you.
  4. Further investigations may be booked as an outpatient or referral made to a different specialty.
  5. A surgical procedure may be organised.

Contact details:

Adults will be seen in Ward 15 SAU (Surgical Assessment Unit).
Telephone: 01296 316500
You may be required to visit other departments such as radiology and phlebotomy.

All children will be seen in the Paediatric Outpatient Department.
Telephone: 01296 316426
There may be the need to visit other departments such as radiology.