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Journey of a pre-term baby

A series of 3 videos providing information about maternity and neonatal care for premature babies.

Video 1: Preparing for premature birth: antenatal and labour care

Aparna, consultant obstetrician, provides information about minimising pre-term birth and the care provided for you and your baby during labour should you have a premature birth.

Video 2: Journey of a preterm baby: what to expect when born early

Ellie, a midwife, who works in the preterm birth clinic, provides information about what to expect if you go into labour before 37 weeks.

Video 3: Optimising neonatal care for your newborn

Sanjay, a paediatrician (baby doctor), explains what happens during labour and immediately after birth if your baby is born pre-term.

Video 4: Our neonatal experience – story of an early birth

Libby, service user and mother explains her experience

Video 5: Your baby’s journey in the neonatal unit

Louise, a neonatal nurse provides a guide to the neonatal unit for parents and partners