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How to take Plenvu

What is Plenvu®?
PLENVU® is a polyethylene glycol (PEG) laxative designed to cleanse your bowel prior to your planned colonoscopy. It does this by causing you to have diarrhoea, or frequent bowel movements. You will start passing brown liquid and this will gradually change into a clear/yellowish liquid.

A clean bowel will allow a clear view of the inner lining, which is important for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Please ensure you follow the instructions carefully as the colonoscopy may have to be cancelled and repeated at another time if the bowel is not clean enough.

If you think you are not fit enough to go backwards and forwards to the toilet many times to have your bowels open, then do not start to take this medication and get in touch with the doctor or team who referred you for this test for further advice.

Before taking Plenvu ®

You need to follow a low fibre diet for 3 days before taking Plenvu®. Please see the “Low Fibre Diet” leaflet for details of the type of diet you need to follow before taking Plenvu®.

PLENVU® is a two-dose preparation.

Dose 1 is a single mango-flavoured sachet.

Dose 2 is two sachets (A and B) fruit punch flavoured.

All sachets must be taken with the right amount of water according to the timing.

Oral medication should NOT be taken within one hour of taking Plenvu ® as it may not be absorbed properly.

Please see PDF download for full guidance.