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X-rays and Clinical Imaging

We diagnose and treat patients using x-rays and clinical imaging (radiography). 

X-rays take images inside your body. They show your bones and help to diagnose a range of conditions and injuries including fractures.  

We also use other types of imaging such as Computed Tomography (CT) to assess soft tissue and organs, and ultrasound to take sonar images, for example in pregnancy.

Our radiologists work across all of our hospital sites.

Our services

As well as x-rays (plain films), CT scans and ultrasound images, we also offer:

  • dental and intra-oral and orthopantomogram (OPT)¬†for examining jaws and teeth
  • fluoroscopy¬†including contrast media and barium studies for diagnosing swallowing difficulties and bowel problems
  • nuclear medicine¬†including¬†sentinel node imaging¬†to diagnose diseases including certain types of cancer
  • Magnetic Resonance¬†Imaging (MRI)¬†for detecting soft tissue and organ problems
  • bone density scans¬†(known as DEXA scans) to assess how strong your bones are
  • cardiac¬†catheterisation¬†that shows the structure and function of the heart
  • mammography¬†to screen for breast cancer
  • obstetric scanning¬†(ultrasound) including early pregnancy assessment and nuchal translucency scanning for detecting chromosome abnormalities such as Down syndrome
  • non-obstetric ultrasound¬†including vascular/duplex scanning to evaluate blood flow through your arteries and veins
  • interventional imaging¬†for vascular (circulatory system) and¬†non vascular¬†procedures such as vertebroplasty for diseased or fractured vertebra (any of the small bones that make up your backbone).

X-rays and Clinical Imaging patient information


Watch a video about having CT scan at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

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