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Wheelchair Service

We help adults and children with long term mobility problems. 

We assess people from across Buckinghamshire, and provide and maintain equipment for specialist seating, mobility and pressure care.

There are approximately 7,500 service users within Buckinghamshire. We see people in community settings including schools and rehabilitation units.

We work with a separate company to repair, store, collect, deliver, and refurbish our wheelchairs.

How to access our service

You can refer yourself. Call the contact number below.

Our services


We run clinics for people who need to use a wheelchair indoors. We’ll send you a questionnaire to get some information before we invite you to a clinic. You can generally expect to get your wheelchair within 5 days if you don’t need any modifications.

Our technician will demonstrate the parts of the wheelchair and make adjustments to suit you.


We provide pressure relieving cushions for new and existing users, even if you have your own wheelchair. We assess you and look at your posture, transfers, comfort needs, and durability as well as pressure. We keep a variety of sizes in stock but usually order a tailor made cushion for your individual needs. 


People who need indoor and indoor/outdoor powered wheelchairs must meet a detailed criteria. You can find out about this criteria by contacting us on the phone number at the bottom of this page.

Unfortunately, we can’t fund outdoor use only powered wheelchairs or attendant controlled powered wheelchairs.

However, we do offer vouchers for powered wheelchairs to suitable candidates who want higher specification wheelchairs. We always assess you in your home environment and generally issue you with an indoor powered wheelchair to increase proficiency before having an indoor/outdoor powered wheelchair assessment.

There is no age barrier for use of a powered wheelchair


If you choose a wheelchair from an agreed supplier of a higher specification than we can provide, we’ll give you a voucher for a specific value plus an estimated cost for maintenance.

You then own the wheelchair and will be responsible for maintaining it for a minimum of 5 years for adults and 3 years for a child. We can’t issue a voucher to someone with a deteriorating condition as their needs may change within that period of time.

It’s a good option if you want the security of NHS maintenance and repair services.

Find out more about our voucher scheme by calling the number at the bottom of this page.


You’ll need a postural management assessment, and possibly some additional support for most of our services.

For more complex needs, including contoured seating systems, we’ll refer you to the specialist disability service at Oxford Centre for Enablement at the Nuffield Hospital in Oxford.

Short term wheelchair loans

If you need to hire a wheelchair for a short period of time, visit:

Self-funded equipment

Should you wish to self-fund and identify appropriate items of equipment to meet your needs, please view the website Safe and Well – Buckinghamshire – Buckinghamshire


Wheelchair Service
Wheelchair Service

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