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Hearing Therapy

We care for patients aged 16 and over who need rehabilitation for hearing problems including:

We also see those who have normal hearing but who find it difficult to hear speech when surrounded by background noise.

How to access our service

We accept referrals from our ear, nose and throat (ENT) and Audiology departments. If an ENT consultant has seen you in the past, your GP may refer you to us.

We also accept referrals from ENT and Audiology departments outside our Trust.


From receiving your referral to your appointment date it’s normally between 2 to 6 weeks.


We try to see patients in the hospital of their choice. Sometimes this is not possible because we need specialist equipment that’s only available at our main base at Amersham Hospital.

We also run clinics at Wycombe Hospital and Stoke Mandeville Hospital.


You’ll see a nominated hearing therapist at the start of your treatment. You will usually continue to see the same therapist for the duration of your care.


Our therapist will see you on a 1 to 1, confidential basis. They’ll assess your condition and give you up-to-date information, strategies or exercises to help improve it. We create tailor made care plans according to your individual needs.

We do not routinely issue hearing aids.

An appointment can last up to 1 hour. You’re welcome to bring someone with you. Let us know before you come if you need any additional support, for example, an interpreter.



Our therapist will discuss your treatment plan with you and ask you what type of follow up appointment you’d like (options include a telephone review). We’ll then book a convenient time.

If you do not want a further appointment we’ll discharge you back to your GP. Sometimes patients need an onward referral for assistive devices or a hearing aid.



No. All aspects of the service our free including any equipment we issue you with.

Charges apply if you damage or lose the equipment we lend to you.



Hearing Therapy 
Hearing Therapy 

01494 734271

Monday-Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm.


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