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Annual Equality Diversity and Inclusion Report 2021-22

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust is committed to promoting Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I), creating a diverse, accessible and inclusive organisation where everyone feels like they belong.  We aim to ensure that respect for diversity and inclusion are embedded in all areas of the community we serve.

As you‚Äôll see in this report, in 2021-22, BHT has made progress in several areas ‚Äď but we know there is much more to do. We‚Äôve undertaken more work to make our people processes and practices fairer and more inclusive.¬† We have launched an Allyship Programme for the first time which will enhance allyship amongst executive sponsors and senior leaders – this is important because there is a proven link between allyship, colleagues‚Äô level of belonging and engagement and good patient care.¬†Additionally, we are training more managers and senior leaders in inclusive practices to ensure that the custodians of our culture know how to champion inclusion within their areas of responsibility.

We have also continued our work to understand the identities, intersectionality, and experiences of colleagues across BHT through engagement initiatives. We continue to grow our excellent colleagues’ networks and I would like to thank them for their invaluable input to our decisions and support for colleagues this year. One example this year has been¬†¬†launching a trial of¬† the Empowerment Passport Scheme.¬† This scheme aims to¬† improve the experience at work for people with disabilities by generating customised¬† Reasonable Adjustments for to be applied in the workplace.¬† This has been supported by the recent decision to centralise through the Occupational Health Team the funding for Reasonable Adjustments.

Looking forward, we will continue to use data driven and evidence-based efforts to support diversity and inclusion as we progress, working to reach our goals of creating an organisation where everyone feels they belong.

Bridget O’Kelly

Chief People Officer

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