Community paediatrics team extends its partnership with Horseheard charity

Date: 08/08/2023 | Category: News 2023

Last year our Community Paediatrics team joined with a wellbeing charity called HorseHeard who support individualsā€™ emotional health and wellbeing through learning with horses.

Due to an overwhelming response to take up this offer, and the supportive feedback from those who attended, the team has extended the partnership and can offer places again this year.

If your child is on the Community Paediatric waiting list, is 9-13 years old and you would like to find out more about this programme, please get in touch via the details given below.

About the programme

HorseHeard is offering young people in Buckinghamshire (aged 9-13) the opportunity to attend three 2-hour sessions, delivered over consecutive weeks, to support young people’s wellbeing by working with and interacting with a horse. It does not involve riding and your child needs no prior experience.

Working with horses does not rely on talking, the learning is from the experience. The HorseHeard charity expresses that for a child or young person who typically controls little of their world, working with horses is honest and empowering.

Attendance at HorseHeard is optional and although the benefits can be therapeutic, it is not therapy. Attendance is separate from any activities or discussions that children and families may be having with the Community Paediatric team.

Spaces are limited and available on a first come first served basis.

Register via the HorseHeard website: www.horseheard.comĀ 

If you have any questions email:

This activity has been made possible through funding from NHS Charities Together.

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