COVID-19 and flu vaccines in pregnancy

Date: 05/11/2021 | Category: News 2021

Please read information about COVID-19 and flu vaccines recommended in pregnancy.
The vaccine is safe and effective at any stage of pregnancy.

Vaccination is the best way to protect against the known risks of covid-19 in pregnancy for both women and babies, including admission of the woman to intensive care and premature birth of the baby.

Pregnant women may wish to discuss the benefits and risks of having the vaccine with their healthcare professional and reach a joint decision based on individual circumstances.  However, as for the non-pregnant population, pregnant women can receive a covid-19 vaccine even if they have not had a discussion with a healthcare professional.

In addition, influenza (flu) can be a serious disease in pregnant women.  To protect women and their babies the flu vaccination is recommended.

How to get your COVID-19 and/or flu vaccine

You can obtain a flu vaccine from your GP or local pharmacist or please speak to your community midwife.

Further information from trusted sources: