New eco building brings together tech innovators and local enterprise for the benefit of patients

Date: 21/06/2021 | Category: News 2021

The Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust has partnered up with the Bucks Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to build a new research and innovation centre on the Stoke Mandeville Hospital Site.

The new three-story modular eco-build opened its doors this month offering modern agile working space to start-up small and medium sized businesses from across the region, as well as housing the Trust’s own state-of-the-art Research and Innovation Department.

The centre will add value to the local economy by drawing in some of the brightest and best minds from across Buckinghamshire and beyond to work and collaborate with each other as well as with the Trust’s Research and Innovation Department. This in turn will benefit our patients by giving our clinicians direct access to the latest digital health developments, medical technologies and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to our partnership with Bucks LEP, the centre will not only benefit the economy but is good for the environment too. It has been built with 99% recyclable materials, harvests rainwater, is energy efficiency and even features a living wall.

An open evening will be held for residents in July, including a tour of the new facility.

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