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About us

The Maternity department at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust cares for people who are pregnant before, during and after the birth of their baby. Each year we look after thousands of people and babies. 

Our friendly and professional team includes midwives, consultants, nurses and health workers.

What we do

We work in partnership with you and your family to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth and afterwards.


  • help you make decisions about what you want and need from your maternity care
  • give you a small team of midwives who’ll care for you during your pregnancy and beyond
  • offer you a choice of where to give birth depending on yours and your baby’s well being.

Find out more about what we do by watching our video below.

Who looks after you and what they do

Each healthcare professional plays a key role in your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.

If you have no medical conditions or complications from a previous or your current pregnancy, a midwife will look after your care throughout your pregnancy.


You’ll have a named community midwife who will co-ordinate your antenatal care, guide you through pregnancy, and explain your care and options. Your named community midwife (or one of her team) is your first contact for anything except serious emergencies.

We also have specialist midwives in diabetes care, bereavement support, antenatal screening and perineal care.

Other midwives who may be involved in your care include student midwives who are supervised by experienced midwives.

How to contact your midwife

You’ll find the contact numbers for your midwife and their team on the front of your green pregnancy notes.

The contact numbers for all members of your community midwife team are on the front of your green pregnancy notes.


If you have medical conditions or complications from a previous or your current pregnancy, a consultant will look after you. Your midwife may also refer you to a consultant if you develop complications during your pregnancy.

You’ll have a named consultant who is responsible for your care during pregnancy, birth and after you’ve given birth. 

Your consultant, who you may or may not meet in person, works alongside specialist trainee doctors also known as registrars who are in the middle of their training. They’re front line doctors in obstetrics and gynaecology, particularly in emergencies.

Depending on their level, they’ll be supervised, mentored, and assessed by more senior obstetricians.

Medical students

You may also meet students training to become GPs or obstetricians. They work under direct supervision of a doctor or midwife.

Other healthcare professions

During your pregnancy journey, you may also meet:

  • maternity care assistants
  • newborn hearing screeners
  • ultrasonographers
  • nursery nurses.