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Rothschild Ward welcome letter – Antenatal

Welcome to Rothschild Ward. We appreciate that being in hospital while pregnant can be an anxious time, and we are here to support you. We want your stay with us to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Rothschild Ward is our antenatal and postnatal ward. We have shared bays and private rooms. If you would like a private room please speak to your midwife about whether this is available and appropriate for you. Your care will be the same as in a normal bay, there will be a charge
for this.

You are here because it has been recommended that you are admitted to hospital for one of a number of reasons, it could be due to a complication or risk factor in your pregnancy, or that your labour is being induced, or for some extra support in early labour.

How long you stay with us and the type of care that you receive will depend on your personalised care and support plan.

If you don’t yet have a personalised care and support plan you can complete it on the Mum & Baby App on google play or the app store and then share it with the team providing your care, or ask for a paper copy.

If you would like to discuss this at any time, please speak to your midwife.

Staff on the ward

You will have a named midwife assigned to your care every day and night who you can ask any questions you may have. If required, a consultant or a member of their team will see you each day during their ward rounds. You may also see our student midwives, pharmacists, maternity care assistants and housekeeping staff on the ward. All staff caring for you will introduce themselves to you and will be wearing an ID badge.

Call bells

There is a call bell beside every bed to summon help if you need it. This is how we know that you need something, so please do use it.

Interpreting services

If you need an interpreter the staff will arrange one for you.


It is very important that you do not allow anyone to ‘tailgate’ in or out of the ward after you. Please do not open the door for anyone to enter the ward. Keep your valuables safe as we cannot take any responsibility for the loss of such items.

We take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. We cannot give information about you to anyone else so please ask family members not to call the ward directly for updates. If you want information shared with friends or family members, you will need to do so. If you need a private space to speak to a midwife or member of staff in confidence one will be made available to you, please just ask.

Personal belongings

Please ensure your belongings are stored in your bedside locker. The area around beds needs to be clutter-free to keep everyone safe, ensure all staff can move freely around your bed when caring for you and to ensure we can keep the ward clean to the highest possible standard. Please feel free to use your mobile phone on the ward, but do be considerate to others while you do so.


Your nominated support person can visit between 9am and 9pm. Currently no other visiting or overnight stays are permitted.

Meal times

There are 3 meals a day served: at 8am, midday and early evening. We can cater to most dietary requirements so please let the catering staff know if you have such
requirements. Someone will come and take your order in enough time before the next scheduled meal. A hot drinks machine is available throughout the day and night. If you need to know where this is please ask any member of staff. Your allocated support person can bring extra food and drinks for you if you wish. If you arrive on the ward after the evening meal has already been served, we can order you a hot meal if required, please just ask.


If you wish to use wifi, please choose ‘bht_public’

Toilets and Showers

There are toilets and showers in the bays and corridors. If it is not obvious where your nearest facility is please just ask. These facilities are for women staying on the ward only. Visitors toilets are outside the ward.

Who can I talk to if I have questions or concerns?

Speak to your midwife first of all. We are all here to help you. If you feel you need to you can also ask to speak to ward manager or matron if you wish.

Where can I find more information?

Information and leaflets are available on our website (, the NHS choices website ( and on the Mum & Baby App.

How can I help reduce healthcare associated infections?

Infection prevention and control is important to the well-being of our patients and for that reason we have infection prevention & control procedures in place. Keeping your hands clean is an effective way of preventing the spread of infections. We ask that you, and anyone visiting you, use the hand sanitiser available at the entrance to every ward before coming in to and after leaving the ward. In some situations hands may need to be washed at the sink using soap and water rather than using the hand sanitiser as hand sanitisers are not suitable for use when dealing with patients who have symptoms of diarrhoea.

If you would like a copy of this information on audiotape, in large print or translated, please call the Patient Advice Liaison Service on 01296 831120 or email

Please remember that this leaflet is intended as general information only. We aim to make the information as up to date and accurate as possible, but please note that it is subject to change.