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Date: 13/02/2024 | Category:

What is bilingualism? We refer to children who understand 2 or more languages as ‘bilingual.’ Does it have any benefits in language development? Yes. Children with bilingualism have opportunities to […]

Top 10 tips for talking video and further resources links

Date: 25/07/2023 | Category:

Link to videos and further information Top tip 1: Follow their lead: Tools for Talking 12-18 months: Following baby’s lead – BBC Tiny Happy People   Top tip 6: Copy […]

10 top tips for talking

Date: 17/07/2023 | Category:

Follow their lead: if you join in and talk about what your child is doing/looking at, it helps them to learn words more quickly. Be face to face & get […]

Vocabulary and word finding

Date: 04/08/2021 | Category:

Why it’s important Vocabulary refers to the words a child can understand (receptive vocabulary) or express (expressive vocabulary). If a child has a limited vocabulary, they may have difficulties understanding […]

Understanding language

Date: 04/08/2021 | Category:

Why it’s important Young children must understand spoken language to develop their communication skills. They often understand language better than how they speak it. As children’s communication skills increase, their […]

Telling stories

Date: 03/08/2021 | Category:

Why it’s important All children and adults use storytelling to communicate with others, store memories and build relationships. Young children learn to tell stories by listening to the stories of […]

7 Speech and sound awareness

Date: 03/08/2021 | Category:

Why it’s important Speech means the sounds we use when we say words (our pronunciation) it is not the letters that we see written in a word. E.g. the word […]

Conversation and interaction

Date: 28/07/2021 | Category:

Why it’s important Young children learn about conversation within their first few weeks. New born babies focus on faces, give eye contact and vocalise to indicate their needs. Non-verbal interactions, […]

Building sentences

Date: 28/07/2021 | Category:

Why it’s important Building sentences begin after children learn to link single words together. This happens alongside their vocabulary development. Children need to know around 50 words before they can […]

Attention and listening

Date: 26/07/2021 | Category:

How children develop these skills A child develops their attention and listening skills by hearing everyday sounds around them, for example, the telephone, washing machine, and animal noises. Before they […]