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This webinar looks at what we mean by ‘vocabulary’, a child’s vocabulary learning journey, vocabulary difficulties and supporting vocabulary development across the curriculum.

It is divided into three parts to make it easier to watch. We would recommend you watch all three parts in order if watching for the first time.

Please download the vocabulary webinar handout to use with this video: Vocabulary webinar handout Sept 2023

Part 1 introduces what we mean by ‘vocabulary’ and why it is important. We also talk about a child’s vocabulary learning journey.

Watch part 1 of our vocab webinar


Part 2 looks at vocabulary difficulties, including word finding difficulties, and the impacts this can have.

Watch part 2 of our vocab webinar


Part 3 discusses resources, activities and ideas to support with vocabulary skills, relevant for children and young people in reception year and upwards.

Watch part 3 of our vocab webinar


Upcoming dates for live webinar sessions:

Date Time Link
Tuesday 23 April 2024 9.30-11.00 am Click here to join the meeting