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Receptive language part 3 – understanding pragmatic language

This webinar looks at how to support understanding and development of pragmatic language across all key stages, but with more focus on key stage 2 and above. It is divided into 5 parts of 5 – 10 minutes each. We recommend you watch all five parts in order.

Webinar part 1: What do we mean by Pragmatic Language?

Watch part 1 of webinar video 


Webinar part 2: What do we mean by non-verbal communication?

Watch part 2 of webinar video


Webinar part 3: Language for Behaviour and Emotions – theory to practice

Watch part 3 of webinar video


Webinar part 4: Inference, sarcasm, ambiguous and non-literal language.

While watching part 4 of the webinar you’ll be asked to pause the webinar and watch a couple of other YouTube videos that illustrate the points being made.

Watch part 4 of the webinar

Here are the links to those other videos on YouTube mentioned in the 4th part of the webinar:


Webinar part 5: Rounding off, target setting, and beyond therapy.

Watch part 5 of the webinar


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