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How to shave your legs

Find out how to shave your legs with our visual guide. You can also download this guide by following the link on the right.

How to shave your legs – a step-by-step guide

Step 1

You’ll need:

  • soap or shaving foam
  • a razor
  • a towel
  • water.

Picture of a towel, razor and soap

Step 2

Position your leg in the bath so its easy to reach all areas.

Person standing with their leg in the bath

Step 3

Turn the shower head to a warm temperature. Wet your leg in the areas you want to shave.

Person rinsing their leg with the shower head while standing in the bath

Step 4

Lather the soap or dispense the shaving foam. Rub up and down your leg and make sure you cover all areas.

Person lathering their leg with soap

Step 5

Use your hand to rub the soap or shaving foam.

Person using their hand to rub their leg and spread the soap or shaving foam

Step 6

Wet the razor under warm water.

Person rinsing the razor under warm water

Step 7

Shave in an upwards motion applying constant pressure, one stroke at a time.

Person shaving their leg in an upwards motion starting at their ankle

Person shaving their leg up to their knee

Step 8

Rinse the razor under the shower after each motion to remove the hair.

Person rinsing the razor with the shower head after each motion to remove the hair

Step 9

Repeat steps 2 to 8 for your other leg.

Step 10

Rinse your legs fully.

Person rinsing their leg fully

Step 11

Pat your leg dry with a towel.

Person patting their leg dry with a towel

Step 12


Person finished shaving their leg