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Example of Sensory Regulation Strategies


These are my “Feel Good Activities” that help me feel safe and calm? Make sure I get to do these throughout the day to support me to stay regulated.
Action figures and spider man



Riding my bike


Make me feel safe and secure in my environment by:
–        Making sure I have my sand timer and visual timetable with me at all times to support with transitions

–        Keeping my ear defenders on my desk where I can reach them

–        Do not sit me next to the door at lunch time as the banging from the hall upsets me

–        Do not wear strong perfume as it makes me feel sick


Below is my timetable of vestibular and proprioceptive activities to help support my regulation. It is important I get this input throughout the day to keep me regulated.
         When I wake up, I will jump on my trampoline before going downstairs

–        I have cereal without milk

–        I drink my morning milk through a straw

–        I walk to school

–        I stop at the park on the way to school and I go 10 minutes of monkey bars and climbing.

–        On arrival at school to engage in sensory circuits

–        After morning break, I need to do some press ups as the break time is too short for me to regulate.

–        Snack time/lunch select crunchy foods and encourage to drink through a straw

–        After Snack time I need to go my specialist yoga

–        At lunch time I am allowed on the bikes for 10 minutes before I go back into class

–        After school I go to swimming, judo and football.

–        When I get home, I go in the garden and jump on my trampoline or ride my bike.

I find transitions difficult and need proprioception to prepare for this, especially if I am transitioning into lessons I do not like such as lunch or PE. Let me have a bounce om my gym ball for 10 minutes while I am finishing my work before transitions and send me out first or last. Remember to use my visual timetable and sand timer to support with transitions. I need these with me when I move around the school (such as in forest school).

I need to have a chewlery with me at all times so I can chew if needed.

After about 15 minutes of sitting I can get distracted – after 10 minutes I need a stretch or the opportunity to either stand at my table to learn or sit on my gym ball.


Use Strategies in my Regulation Chart if you see me become dysregulated. We may have to do these activities together and co regulate until I can do them by myself.


How do I know I am in this zone of regulation? How others might know I am in this zone? What strategies to do when I am in this zone
Fight, Flight, Freeze, Confusion



I am confused and muddled I will hit, kick and bite teacher s and my friends.

I will throw furniture around.

I will climb under the table

I need to climb into my body sock in the sensory room. I may need to push against the wall or a gym ball. Keep Langue minimal. Watch I am starting to regulate again.

Riding my bike outside

Swinging on the swings

 Over Alert



My tummy goes fuzzy



I start to get up from my seat.

I start to talk loudly.

I start to clench my fists and squish up my face.

I will refuse to transition such as refuse to go to PE or into the lunch hall.

TheraBand stretches

Encourage to use chewlery

Take out for ride on the bike

Let me have a stretch.

Let me sit on my gym ball.

Marching on the spot.

Deep breathing.

 Calm, Alert, Rest and Digest



I feel happy and my friends like me


I am able to sit and listen to the teacher. I am able to play with my friends. I laugh, smile, joke and chat. After about 15 minutes of sitting I can get distracted – after 10 minutes I need a stretch or the opportunity to either stand at my table to learn or sit on my gym ball.
 Under Alert/ Sleep



I yawn



I am able to fall asleep Let me push against you while you are squashing me.

Please keep adding or adapting as this will change over time and different environments. Please access our website for additional strategies and recommendations or to book an appointment with us to discuss your programme in more detail.

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