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10 top tips for early language development

This webinar is for parents/carers and early years practitioners who want to learn more about the best ways to support early language skills in young children. The child/children you support will be communicating using a combination of sounds and gestures.

The webinar goes through how to support children’s early language development using ten simple strategies you can practise at home or where care is provided. It has been broken down into five parts of 10-15 minutes each to make it easier to watch. We would recommend you watch all five parts in order if watching for the first time, but you could dip in to relevant parts if you wanted a refresher.

Part 1 introduces the ten top tips and covers the first three tips 

  • Follow your child’s lead
  • Be face-to-face and get your child’s attention first
  • Put your child’s message into words

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Part 2 covers tips 4 and 5

  • Build opportunities to communicate
  • Make language learning fun

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Part 3 covers tips 6, 7 and 8

  • Copy your child’s sounds and actions
  • Use simple repetitive language
  • Use gestures, actions and demonstrations

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Part 4 covers the final two tips 9 and 10

  • Offer choices
  • Ask fewer questions

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Part 5 summarises the 10 tips and how to practise them within special time.

It also covers how to expand your child’s language as a next step, and how to access the speech and language therapy service.

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Information to accompany early language development training: