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Six weeks to one year

6 weeks to 1 year

Throughout your baby’s first year, the health visiting team will continue to offer you support and advice about the health and care of yourself and your baby.  You and your baby will be invited for a check with your GP at 6 weeks.  You will also receive a follow up visit from your health visitor between 6-8 weeks.  Your baby will be offered immunisations at 8, 12 & 16 weeks (see red book for further details).  The health review for your baby will be offered between 9-12 months.  You can access the health visiting service by telephone or attending the child health drop ins.

Child health drop in

You don't need an appointment to attend a child health drop-in.  At the drop in you can talk to the member of health visiting team about any concerns or questions you may have and they may put you in touch with another member of the team who can help with specific support, for example with breastfeeding, sleeping or behaviour. You will also be able to self-weigh your baby.  Details of your nearest drop in are in your red book or contact your health visitor team or the Bucks Family Information Service.

Please do not attend the drop in if your baby is unwell (has a temperature or has had an episode of diarrhea or vomiting in the previous 48 hours). You can speak to your GP or call your health visitor for advice


Getting to know your baby group (formerly known as Postnatal Group)

If this is your first baby, you will be invited to join a group of your choice which is usually held at the Children’s Centre.  The information about the group is given out at the new birth visit by your health visitor.  The group meets for a series of 4 weekly sessions lasting between 1 – 1.5 hrs.  The group is usually run by the community nursery nurse and covers topics such as crying/sleep, feeding/introduction to solids, dental health, safety and play development.

The group is a great opportunity to make new friends, share experiences and feel supportive.


6-8 week visit

You will receive a routine follow up home visit from your health visitor between 6-8 weeks.  The health visitor will be interested in your health and wellbeing as well as that of your baby, so it is an opportunity to discuss how you are feeling, coping and any concerns you have. You can speak to them in confidence and the team can offer you further support if needed.


10 – 12 months contact

Anytime after 10 months you will receive a letter inviting you to make an appointment by phoning the administrators hub phone line to make an appointment for your baby to check their progress and development. Once an appointment has been made by you, questionnaires will be sent to you to complete and bring to your appointment with your red book to meet with a member of the Health Visiting Team to have a developmental assessment. This will be an opportunity for you to observe together how your baby is developing and ask any questions.


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