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Pump Therapy – General Management of Hypoglycaemia in Children with Diabetes Mellitus

Pump Therapy-General Management of Hypoglycaemia (Low Blood Glucose 4.0mmols/l or below):

What to do flow chart

A low blood glucose (hypoglycaemia; 3.9mmol/l or below) might happen because the child/young person:

  • has missed or delayed a meal or snack
  • has not eaten enough
  • has undertaken activity that has lowered the blood glucose
  • is getting more insulin than their body needs.
  • is experiencing stress

Follow the flow chart if your child/young person with Diabetes appears to have any of the following signs:

General Signs of Hypoglycaemia

Sweaty Shaky Dizzy
Sleepy Hungry Weak
Irritable Confused Aggressive
Pale Cold Tired
Uncooperative Poor concentration Semi-conscious


Flowchart showing what to do for pump therapy-general management of Hypoglycaemia