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Plastic Surgery Trauma Service (Adults)

The Plastic Surgery Trauma Service is based at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury. We are a regional specialist service for a number of acute presentations including hand injuries and infections, and burns (see separate information leaflet).

Where are we located?

Map of Stoke Mandeville Hospital indicating the location of the Day Surgery Unit and Surgery Assessment Unit

Attending a Trauma Clinic

Adult trauma clinics run daily in our Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU). Here you will meet a member of the on-call Plastic Surgery Team, who will make an initial assessment, and discuss your treatment pathway.

Please be aware that the on-call team run this clinic alongside other on-call duties. We do our best to not keep you waiting, however unfortunately unforeseen emergencies may delay your appointment. Often it is not possible to provide surgery (if required) on the same day. You will be contacted by a member of the Plastics team to confirm a date and time. Occasionally patients who attend this clinic require direct admission to hospital for treatment.

The nature of the injury/condition, or any treatment given (e.g. dressings/ casts) may impact upon your ability to drive. For this reason it is not advisable to drive yourself to this appointment.

On the Day of Surgery

If you’re having a General Anaesthetic (GA)

  • For morning surgery (from 7.30am): Do not eat anything after 2am (this includes chewing gum and sweets). You may drink water up until 6am. Do not eat/ drink anything after 6am except your normal medication (with a sip of water).
  • For afternoon surgery (from 12 noon): You may have a light early breakfast, but do not eat anything after 7.30am (this includes chewing gum and sweets). You may drink water up until 11am.

If you’re having a Local Anaesthetic (LA): 

  • You may eat and drink as normal.

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, your case may be cancelled and rescheduled at short notice.

General Wound Care/ Dressings Advice

Plaster Casts:

  • Please refer to information on plaster casts (separate leaflet)

Wound care/ dressings:

  • Please keep dressings clean and dry.
  • Seek urgent medical attention if you develop signs/symptoms of infection: redness, pain, swelling, pus, fevers, feeling unwell. The doctor attending to you should specify the frequency and location of future dressing changes, and the date that any stitches are due for removal.

Useful Contact Numbers

Plastic Surgery Trauma Co-ordinator
07557 316174 – available Monday to Sunday 9am-5pm

Surgical and Plastics Emergency Ambulatory Care (SPEAC) Admin Desk
01296 418215 – available Monday to Sunday 9am-5pm