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Long term Support after Rapid Response and Intermediate Care

Rapid Response and Intermediate Care (RRIC) is a short-term service with the aim to enable you to regain your independence as much as possible. During your stay with us, your case manager may identify that you need ongoing care support for longer than we can offer and, in these instances, they will discuss with you how to access support that can take over from our service. Arrangements should start to be made as soon as your need for ongoing support is agreed.

Referral to Adult First Response Team

With consent, your case manager will complete a referral to the Buckinghamshire Council Adult First Response Team in Social Services including details of your care needs that are currently supported by the RRIC team and any additional needs you may have, for example domestic support.

The Buckinghamshire Council Adult First Response Team will allocate you to a member of the social work team who will make contact with you to arrange an assessment of your needs. As part of the process you will be required to complete a financial assessment. This will help identify what, if anything, you may need to contribute towards your care.

The Government has put a threshold of £23,250 in savings in place.

If you have less than £23,250 in your savings your income will be considered and a calculation will be made to establish what your contribution will be, if any, towards your care.  After paying any contributions to Care Services provided to you, your weekly income should not reduce below a Minimum Income Level (M.I.G.) called the Minimum Income Guarantee. Please check this with Social Services for current M.I.G. levels.

The Buckinghamshire Council Adult First Response Team will liaise with care agencies to arrange a package of care to meet your assessed needs. The RRIC team will continue their support until the new care package starts.

Privately Funded Care package

Should you have more than the current threshold of £23,250 in savings, you will be expected to pay the full hourly charge for your care. A care service directory with a list of private agencies who can assist you with arranging your own care will be issued to you by RRIC staff. This information will be explained to you when it is given to you.  If, however, your circumstances mean this is too difficult for you to do, the Buckinghamshire Council Adult First Response Team can help you with this process.  Currently this is a free service, but this is subject to change and a charge may be made in the future.

If you are arranging your own private package of care, the RRIC team expect this to be in place within 10-14 days and you will then be discharged from our service.

A consent form about a preferred option for ongoing care is included in the PDF version of this information.