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We look after all the school-based vaccine programmes in Buckinghamshire. We cover over 220 primary schools and 70 secondary schools (including private and independent schools).

What we do

We do vaccinations in schools in line with the National Childhood Immunisation Programme and national campaigns.  We also offer local catch-up clinics for children and young people who miss school vaccination sessions, for young people educated at home, or young people with an individual need.

Your child should be up-to-date with their childhood immunisations before starting primary school. You can check when and what immunisations they should have.

How we can help

If you, or your child has any concerns about vaccinations, for example, if your child is needle phobic, has additional needs or a health condition or disability, call us on 01296 567860. A member of the team will be happy to help.

Vaccinations we offer

These include:

We also offer the MMR vaccine to younger children in Year 2, along with the 4-in-1 pre-school booster vaccine  if your child has missed it.

Call us on 01296 567860 to make an appointment.


When your son or daughter reaches the eligible age for a vaccine, you’ll get an email including an electronic consent form, a covering letter and a patient information leaflet via your child’s school.

You can complete the form online. Please complete and return the consent form, even if you do not want your child vaccinated. There is a section on every form that allows you to refuse the vaccination.

If you’re unsure which vaccinations your child has had, please call your GP. We may also be able to help you with this.

Submitting your consent form

The portal for the electronic consent form will close 3 days before the date of the school vaccination session. This is to allow time for us to collate the forms and order the vaccines.

If you do not submit your form by this time, we can not vaccinate your child at the school vaccination session. You’ll need to contact us for a catch up clinic appointment.

If you can not access an electronic form, call us on 01296 567860.

Depending on your preference, we’ll either complete an online consent form with you over the phone, or send you a paper consent form in the post. If you’re posting a paper form back to us, please return it at least 1 week before the vaccination session date.

If your child is home educated or does not attend school

Call us on 01296 567860.


For children or young people having injections, it’s important that they wear short sleeves that allow easy access to their upper arms, or wear a vest or t-shirt under their school shirt.

Privacy in schools is often limited and it can be embarrassing to remove clothing. It’s also important that your child eats breakfast and stays hydrated before their vaccination.

Our team will visit your child’s school and will be assisted by school staff to identify children correctly.


We usually offer a catch up session in school. You can also arrange for your child to come to one of our community catch up clinics.

Call us on 01296 567860.


We understand that children with special educational needs or disabilities may be very anxious about having vaccinations. We work closely with the community nurses for children with learning disabilities team, as well as the school nurses, to support children and make their experience as stress free as possible.


We collect your child’s details and send the vaccine information to the Child Health Records Department. They will then pass this onto your child’s GP.


Immunisation (vaccinations) team
Immunisation (vaccinations) team

01296 567860