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Sensory behaviour checklist

This checklist is for use with the Children and Young People’s Occupational Therapy webinar session – ‘Understanding the senses’.

What is sensory processing?

Sensory processing is what makes it possible for a child or young person to use the sensory input he/she is receiving from their body and environment in a functional, adaptive manner.  Effective sensory processing is necessary for almost every activity a child performs. We must be able to integrate the information we receive from all our senses to understand our surroundings successfully.

A child or young person with sensory processing concerns has difficulty using sensory input from his/her eyes (vision), ears (sound), skin (touch), nose (smell), mouth (taste), muscles and body joints (body awareness), and inner ear (balance & position of body in space).

To find out more about the senses please attend our understanding sensory processing and supporting sensory processing school/nursery sessions before using this resource.

Please use this checklist in conjunction with our ‘Understanding our senses’ presentation slides.