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How to shave your face

Follow our visual guide on how to shave your face. You can also download this guide by following the link on the right.

How to shave your face – a step by step guide

Step 1

You will need:

  • soap or shaving foam
  • a towel
  • a razor

Soap, towel and a razor

Step 2

Turn on the tap to a warm temperature.

Picture of a sink with the tap running

Step 3

Wet your face.

Person standing over a sink and rinsing their face

Step 4

Lather the soap into your hands or dispense the shaving foam.

Person lathering soap with their hands

Step 5

Apply soap or shaving foam to the facial hair area.

Person applying soap to their facial hair area

Step 6

Make sure you cover all the areas you need to shave.

Person with soap covering their facial hair areas

Step 7

Remove the safety cap from the razor.

Person removing the safety cap from the razor

Step 8

Be careful with sensitive areas, for example, under your nose. Shave in a downwards motion, applying constant pressure.

Person shaving their face in a downwards motion

Step 9

Rinse the razor under the tap after each motion to remove the hair.

Person shaving underneath their nose

Step 10

Rinse any excess soap or shaving foam from your face.

Person rinsing their face after shaving

Step 11

Dry your face with a towel.

Person drying their face with a towel

Step 12

Cleanly shaved – well done!

Person with a cleanly shaved face