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How to shave your armpits

Follow our step by step process on how to shave your armpits.

You’ll need:

  • a razor
  • soap/shaving foam
  • a towel
  • water.

Step 1

Position your arm straight up and over your head. Rest your forearm on your head if it feels more comfortable, or let your hand rest on your shoulder blade.

Face a mirror for a better view. Ensure that you have as flat a surface as possible.

Person with their arm raised up and over their head

Step 2

Apply shaving foam to the armpit. Alternatively, rub soap between your wet hands to create a lather and apply to the area for shaving.

Person applying shaving foam onto their armpit for shaving

Step 3

Rinse the razor under running warm water. Ensure it’s clean, rust-free and safe before you use it.

Person rinsing a razor under running warm water

Step 4

Using a downward motion, apply constant firm but gentle pressure to the shaving area.

Person applying constant firm but gentle pressure to their shaving area

Step 5

Rinse the razor under water to remove hair and repeat until you have shaved each area.

Person rinsing the razor under water to remove hair

Step 6

Rinse your armpit area warm water to remove shaving foam or soap.

Person rinsing their armpit with warm water to remove soap or shaving foam

Step 7

Dry your armpit with a towel.

Person drying their armpit with a towel

Step 8

Repeat steps 1 to 7 for your other armpit.