Children and young people's occupational therapy service


Community nurses team for children with a learning disability

We are a small county wide team working in Buckinghamshire. Our philosophy is that children and young people who have a learning disability are children above all else, with full and equal rights as that of their peers. Our aim is to assist each child and young person to meet their optimum physical, emotional and intellectual potential. We are based in Aylesbury and Amersham, the team is a mix of registered learning disability nurses and paediatric nurses.

Our team works with children and young people in their own homes, schools and respite units. They provide advice for parents/carers and help to enable them to put strategies in place about their child’s behaviour, sleep, continence promotion. They also go in to schools to work in groups with children and staff around healthier lifestyles.

You can watch this YouTube video to get a a parent’s point of view of learning disability nurses. Click here to view.

Please refer to the Bucks Family Information Service for a wealth of further information on services and resources available in Buckinghamshire.